Our "Mission Statement"

    The goal of =JHF= is to provide a clean, fun, and friendly environment to play on-line computer games. Membership is based entirely on character, honor, and service, but never on skill. =JHF= is a cooperative, and all members will be treated with respect by all other members and guests to our facilities.

=JHF= General Rules

1.  Our server is named "Just Having Fun" for a reason... we are here to have fun. Play honorably and be friendly to everyone! This is the foundation of =JHF= Games. Please treat everyone with respect.

2.  Don't cheat - This is simple. Wall hacks, no-fog hacks, aim bots, glow skins, or use of exploits such as getting under the map, or using explosives (grenades, rockets, and satchel charges) to boost a jump are all considered cheating. Anyone caught cheating will be banned. Consider this your warning.

3.  Keep your language clean, this includes abbreviating or spacing the letters. We will not tolerate racial or sexual comments.

4.  Don't rudely taunt or argue with anyone. This place is here to have fun and make friends... and to shoot them. Keep it fun and don't call people names. This includes accusations of cheating. If you suspect that someone is cheating, please talk to a =JHF= member. If no members are present, please post on the message board or email arbitrator@jhfgames.com.

5.  All game strategies are valid. Camping is a tactic, and allowed. All weapons that are available on the server may be used against the enemy. Excessive rocket spam is frowned upon however. All legitimate parts of the map (i.e. not under it - see rule 2) are fair game for engaging the enemy. If you can shoot, you can be shot. Be ready to fight when you hit respawn. Camping the prime base (or mining vehicles in the main base) during conquest mode is not fun for either side, and is discouraged. Stealing the enemy's equipment is encouraged, just don't stay in their spawn and engage them. Never complain about someone because they have killed you with a weapon that you don't like. This includes being type killed (if you don't type, you can never be type killed). If you choose to type, you are doing so at your own peril.

6.  Disruptive play is not allowed. When friendly fire is on, intentional team killing or team wounding will not be tolerated. Team kills that are not followed by an apology may be considered intentional. Intentionally blocking of teammates is not allowed. Do not purposely interfere with a teammates vehicle. Play the game as it was intended.

7.  Cooperate with JHF members. Please respect the fact that you are guests on our server. We pay for the server and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If we ask you to do something, please do so without debate.

8.  No Recruiting Allowed. Everyone, including a member of another clan, willing to comply with our rules is allowed to enjoy our servers. Please do not ask our regulars to go to your server.

9.  Please keep the game chat game related. The game server is for playing the game, and not a chat room. There are better places to conduct this type of activity.